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Protecting Your Home and Family from Harsh Winter Weather

Depending on where you live, you probably already know just how cold it can get in the winter. In many areas, it may even start turning cold early in the fall, and stay that way until the middle of spring. You take steps to protect yourself from the cold, by bundling up and only going out when it is absolutely necessary, but is that really enough? Can you realistically stay home all through the winter months, just to avoid the cold? For most people, the answer is no, they canít stay home all winter, the kids have to go to school, parents have to go to work, there is shopping to be done, etc. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family in cold weather?


Obviously, you should make certain that everyone has the proper clothing for the winter months. You should wear a thick hat, which will keep your body heat from escaping from your scalp, a heavy scarf, thick, insulated gloves or mittens, insulated shoes or boots, thick pants, and of course, a really good coat. Store your car in your garage, or under cover whenever possible, so you donít have to spend extra time outside scraping ice and snow from your windshield, and remember to start the car early, so that the defroster can do a lot of the work for you. If you use candles or a fireplace in your home, make certain that you practice good fire prevention tips, making certain that nothing comes close enough to the flames to create a fire hazard. It is also a good idea to make certain you have fire extinguishers in place throughout your home, and that everyone knows how to use them in an emergency. Fire extinguishers should be checked according to the manufacturerís instructions, to make certain they stay in good working order.

If you live where it is really cold, and you donít have a place to store your vehicle out of the elements, you should consider purchasing and installing a remote starter. This way, you can leave your defroster set to on when you get out of the car, and when you push the button to start the car, it will be defrosting for you, until you are ready to go outside. This will save you from having to go outside and get cold starting your car. You get the added bonus of getting into a nice warm car, rather than freezing waiting for the heat to kick in. This is especially a good idea for families with small children.

You donít have to keep your children in the house all winter, as long as you make certain they have good winter clothing, as listed previously, and that they only go outside in intervals, coming inside often to get warm. Make certain that you supervise their outside time, so that they donít suffer from any ill effects from the cold. Also, take extra care that when they do come inside to get warm, they donít get too close to the fireplace or heater, as they could get burned and not even realize it, as they are likely going to be numb from the cold.

It is important to dress according to the season and the weather, and remember, that layers are always good. It is much easier to remove extra clothing while you are away from home, than to try to find more to wear. In the spring, you should have your homeís heating system checked, just to make certain that there are no problems, and that you are good to go before the next cold weather strikes. You donít want to wait until it is below freezing outside, turn on your heat, and find out that it doesnít work!

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