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Make Certain Your Children Know Not to Open the Door to Strangers

As parents, we have so many responsibilities that it is easy to get overwhelmed. One thing that we should always make certain that we do, and do well, is teach our children about the danger that strangers pose. Even if you donít leave your children at home alone, they should still know not to let anyone into the home that they donít know, for any reason. You never know when someone might come to the door, and if you are unavailable, then your children are likely to go to the door to see who it is. This is how a lot of children get abducted every year, so this is vital. You want your children to be and feel safe while in their own home, but they must know that outsiders and strangers may appear at the door, and that even though they may be wearing a uniform, they shouldnít be trusted or allowed inside, for any reason.


Teach your child not to open the door, until they know who is on the other side. It is important that you teach your child to look outside to see who is there, through a window or peephole, and to ask who is there, before opening the door. Even if they think they recognize the vehicle, they should still ask who is there, just to be certain. In the event that your children are at home alone, teach them that if someone they donít know knocks on the door, not to answer the door or say anything, and to call you or another adult they trust on the phone. Stress that they donít open the door, or speak, under any circumstances. You should teach your children this, regardless of where you live, or how nice your neighborhood is.

Let your child know that if someone comes to the door they donít know, they are to come get you, rather than open the door. If they are with a babysitter, or at someone elseís home, the same rules still apply.

Talk to your children about telephone calls as well. Let them know that if they answer the phone, and they donít know who is calling, not to say that you are not home, or give out any information. They should take the phone to an adult, or hang up. This is not teaching your children to be rude, this is keeping them safe. If you have caller id or an answering machine, instruct your child not to answer the phone if they donít recognize the number or the voice. If your children are home alone, let them know to never tell anyone that you arenít there, to say that you canít come to the phone and will call back, or something to that effect. Letting someone on the other line know that they are home alone could give a predator the extra push to take action.

Talk with your child often about how to deal with strangers, once is not enough. Let them know that if they are ever unsure about someone, to find someone they trust you, another family member, teacher, neighbor, etc. Again, even if you never leave your children home alone, this is information that you should drill into them, every chance you get. It is vital for their safety and well-being.

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